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Personal Information
Name: Susan/Tanks
Age: 32
Personal Journal: N/A
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: Pluk: Tanks4thememory
Current Character(s): Clu 1.0

Character Information
Character Name: Dr. Raymond "Ray" Stantz
Fandom: The Real Ghostbusters

Character History: Ray was born in the Bronx, but grew up in a small town near Long Island. Much of his childhood was spent going to horror movies, and he's known to have borrowed books and old pulp magazines from a man named Mr. Howard, who had a vast collection of them. After leaving home, he went to college, attaining at least one PhD. Before winding up working in Columbia University's psychology department, and despite current doubts about the existence of God, he apparently considered becoming a clergyman for a time, as he attended seminary at one point.

Before they were kicked out of the University, Ray was devoting a lot of his workday to interviewing people who had some sort of encounter with the paranormal. After the entanglement with the library ghost, Ray was more motivated to continue on with that type of work. When the guys were let go by Dean Yager, he was initially crushed, primarily concerned with his academic integrity, financial stability, etc. Ray had briefly worked in the private sector beforehand, and knew it wasn't conductive to his line of work, as they expected notable results.

After talking with Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler, they all decided to try hunting ghosts full time. Ray even mortgaged the house he was born in to provide the starting capital to get the company started and buy the firehouse. In addition, he rummaged through used car lots to find a suitable vehicle and repair it to make the Ecto-1.

Dr. Stantz also has the distinction of being the first Ghostbuster to meet Slimer initially dropping his cigarette in fear. He then went proton blasting, after his call for assistance was unheard by Venkman.

Ray accidentally chose the form of Gozer's appearance because of his childhood times at Camp Waconda. Despite his initial attempt at negotiations, he wound up fighting Gozer with his Proton Pack. After reversing the particle flow to force Gozer back into his realm, Ray was concerned about the other guys' welfare after the explosion, and then celebrated with them all afterward.

After the fall of Gozer, Ray and the other Ghostbusters fixed up the Firehouse after it was severely damaged by the escaping ghosts, thanks to Walter Peck. Upon the completion of the Firehouse, the Ghostbusters adopted the green ghost who Ray named as Slimer, a name chosen specifically "just to annoy Peter".

Over the course of the series, Ray helped the Ghostbusters battle all sorts of supernatural threats, from run-of-the-mill spooks, to malevolent deities, to trolls, to gremlins. Together, the guys have probably averted the apocalypse about half-a-dozen times. Several episodes revolved around his family members including his Aunt Lois and his cousin Samantha and two separate uncles who died over the course of the series. Thanks to events revolving around his first late uncle, Ray was briefly made a Scottish Duke, though he gave up the title and donated the castle to the surrounding village. In the episode "The Spirit of Aunt Lois", though, it's revealed that the New York branch of the Stantz family is of Russian descent, having immigrated in the late 1800's.

Ray will be arriving in Nautilus from about midway through the series.

Character Personality: The first and most obvious thing about Ray is his exuberance. And why not? The man loves his work. While Egon generally approaches researching an combating the supernatural with somewhat detached academic interest, Peter with the eye of a businessman looking to make a profit, and Winston with the common sense approach of an every-man, Ray has an almost child-like enthusiasm for ghosthunting. If it were at all practical, he'd probably do it for free, because his job is just that cool. In fact, when the Ghostbusters needed someone to stand in for a child in order to trap the Boogeyman, they picked Ray to do the job. (He was annoyed by the implications, but it worked.)

Not to say that Ray doesn't know when to be serious. When the chips are down and the world is under threat or innocent lives are in danger, Ray is just as willing as the rest of the team to step up and do what needs to be done.

Ray is still the most likely one of the group to propose a non-violent solution to a given supernatural threat, though. Heck, the guy tried to use bureaucrat-ese on a Babylonian deity bent on ending the world, then tried to pick the most harmless possible form for it to take. (Both of these failed, but hey, points for the effort.) And he'll generally try to help everyone, including ghosts if they're in distress, regardless of whether there's anything in it for him. Not for nothing is he considered the 'heart' of the Ghostbusters.

He does have his limits and his faults, though. He's protective of the Ecto-1 and doesn't like seeing it damaged; he once got angry about damage to the car when the world was literally ending around him. Also, anyone who threatens innocent people or his friends and family in Ray's presence is likely to be on the receiving end of his anger (and possibly his proton gun, where appropriate).

Ray apparently isn't close to his immediate family (according to the movie's novelization, his parents are dead and his brother and sister don't speak to each other or Ray), but clearly cares for his Aunt Lois and Cousin Samantha, getting very angry when a con-man of a phony medium tried to take advantage of the former, and going to great lengths to protect the later when her farm was threatened by zombies. He does care a great deal for his Ghostbusting 'family', though, and is the friendliest of the group with their green, ghostly sidekick, Slimer.

Powers and Abilities: Physically, Ray is just an ordinary human with no special powers. He is, however, a technical genius. He designed and can maintain and modify much of the Ghostbusters' equipment as needed. He's also good with vehicle maintenance and repair, and can and has built whole cars with sufficient parts and equipment. In fact he once built a special car to keep a pack of gremlins occupied; whenever it was damaged, it transformed into a completely new car, which it could apparently do indefinitely. His knowledge of computers and such stops at late 80's levels of technology, given the time he's from, but he's a fast learner.

He also has extensive knowledge of the supernatural and otherworldly phenomena. From demons, to ghosts, to trolls, to interdimensional cross-rips, to mass sponge migrations, if it's weird, creepy, or spooky he probably knows about. Heck, he's probably personally witnessed and/or fought it. Like I said, the man loves his work.

He'll be arriving in Nautilus with his proton pack, one ghost trap (hooked to the side of said pack), and a PKE (psycho-kinetic energy) meter, none of which will work properly until he can adjust them to work with the city's physics.

On the more minor end of things, he can play the clarinet, can pull of some pretty awesome bicycle tricks when pressed, and if you're really desperate, he can pilot a light helicopter (though he's not very good at the last one, only having had one lesson).

Network: [The face of an excited, red-haired man appears on the screens of those in Nautilus.]

Ah that's got it working! Ahem...

[Trying and failing to sound official, but still with a big grin on his face.] Greetings, residents of this dimension. I'm Dr. Ray Stantz of Earth. And as a duly designated representative of the city, county, and state of New York, there's just one thing I'd like to say.

I come in peace. Take me to your leader.

[From the way he grins even broader, you can tell he's probly been waiting his whole life to say that.]

By the way, this is the best phone! It's so small! And it even plays video! I mean how cool is that? It's like something out of Star Trek!

[Guess who comes from a time when cel phones were the approximate size and weight of bricks?]

Third Person: This. Was. Awesome. An entire previously unknown parallel dimension, just waiting to be explored. Many paranormal researchers would give their right arm to have such an opportunity, and here it had been dropped right into his lap. Wait til he told the guys! Egon would be so jealous. Maybe he should collect a few samples of local fungi, just so Egon wouldn't feel too left out.

That could wait though. There was too much to look at now. The dimension seemed like it was inhabited, or had been at one point. He'd seen some ruined buildings back there and thought he'd seen some sort of town in the distance. Maybe if he headed that way he could find some locals. He wondered what they'd be like? Humanoid? Apparitions? Bug-eyed aliens? Something else entirely? The ruined buildings he'd seen suggested something significantly larger than humans. Giants maybe? The town hadn't looked any larger than normal, but perspective could do weird things. If they were giants, he's have to be careful. He didn't want to get stepped on before he got a chance to say hi.

Not that that possibility deterred him at all. If anything, it just mad him more eager to check the place out! It was just a matter of getting there. When push came to shove he was a city boy and trying to navigate through this forest was difficult. What side of the tree was it that moss supposedly grew on? North, he thought. Though whether that'd even work here, he didn't know.

He was distracted from his attempts at direction finding, though, by a rustling in some nearby bushes. Maybe it was a local? If he were lucky. More likely it'd be some kind of wild animal. "Hello?", he called tentatively.

What crawled out of the bushes in response to his call didn't even look remotely sentient, though. It was a spider, but one about the size of a pony. And it was eyeing him the way Slimer eyed a jumbo cheeseburger with everything. Not good.

Ray cautiously drew his proton gun, not wanting to make any sudden moves. "Nice spider... good spider...," he said, carefully taking aim at the ground just in front of it. Low setting for now; he didn't want to hurt it if he didn't have to, just scare it away. He pulled the trigger and... nothing. A few tiny sparks emitted from the barrel but nothing else. Well... that wasn't good.

"Heheh... oops?", he said, backing away nervously a few steps before turning and breaking into a run, hoping the spider wasn't very fast.

The dimension was slightly less awesome now.
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